About Me

I am a writer, translator, and scholar. I received my BA in Anthropology from the University of Florida (1995). Afterwards, I spent four years living in China before returning the U.S. to pursue an MA in Religious Studies at the University of Virginia (2004) and an M.S. in Chinese medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego (2008). I began my dissertation research on a Fulbright Fellowship at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 北京中醫藥大學 in 2011-12 and in 2015 completed my PhD in East Asian history at Columbia University, focusing on Chinese medical history. You can find out more about my work and interests on the pages Writing, Translation, and History.

I usually reside in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, where, in addition to working, I enjoy eating spicy food and walking in the big mountains. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has stranded my family and I in theU.S. for over a year. You can find out more about my travels and reflections at my other blog: tenthousandli.me.

You can download my CV here.