In 2015 I received my PhD in East Asian History from Columbia University. My research focuses on medical history in the Song through Yuan dynasties (960-1368). However, my interests and my reading are broad, and I have taught university and high school courses in history, humanities, philosophy and world religions. My current interests include the literary practices of Chinese physicians and the ways in which these literary practices reflected and shaped their medical practices and commitments–a topic I’m calling “medical poetics.”

My dissertation, “The Treatise on Cold Damageand the Formation of Literati Medicine: Social, Epidemiological, and Medical Change in China, 1000-1400,” can be found here.

An article of mine, “‘A Thousand Changes and Ten Thousand Transformations’: Individualising Illness in the Northern Song (960-1127)” appeared in the Journal of Chinese Medicine, and I have published a three essays on the academic blog, Asian Medicine Zone: “The Doctor, the Scholar (and the Meditator?) in Middle Period China,” “The Hermeneutics of a Song Dynasty Case Record,” and “From Text to Case and Back Again: The Codification of Ye Gui’s Clinical Experience in Systematic Differentiation Of Warm Disease.”

You can see more of my writing, including some forthcoming publications, on the My Publications page.

You can download my CV here.